Flax bedding for horses

Colehay Flax® is a premium quality, highly absorbent, easy to use bedding that is extremely economical. Developed specifically for horses and carefully processed to exacting standards.

Colehay Flax® is made from natural flax and provides a clean, dust-free, healthy environment for both horses and grooms.

Flax Product Description

Colehay Flax® consists of flax shives, graded and chopped to provide a consistent particle size range and is supplied in bales.

Dust-extracted and free from contaminants, providing a clean and healthy environment for both the horse and the owner.

The bed is not only dry (with only 9-10% moisture in the bale) but warm and comfortable in the winter (due to its high insulation factor) and cool and supportive in the summer.

Colehay Flax®’s Absorbency

In trials flax bedding was shown to be significantly more absorbent than other premium beddings, absorbing over 4 times its own weight of water. The Colehay Flax® bed stays dry on top as any wet is absorbed beneath the surface, providing the horse with a particularly comfortable bed.

Flax Product Features

  • Safe, easy to handle, water-tight bales can be stored inside or out
  • Bale weight is between 21-22kg and covers half a square metre
  • Colehay phlax® is the only bedding with a 432% coefficient of absorbency
  • Colehay Phlax® averages 9% moisture, making it dry as well as very clean
  • The colour of beige/fawn gives a soft feeling to the stable atmosphere



Main Constituent Origin Nominal particle size range Wood content
Flax Shives European 3 – 20 mm Nil


Dust & fines Quality range Installation depth Settlement factor Durability
Minimal Deluxe 150 – 200 mm 5% Up to 1 year

All values given in the Technical Specification are typical. However, some variation may occur from time to time. Colehay reserves the right to alter the specification without notice, for the purpose of product improvement.

Flax User Benefits

  • Dust-free – providing a healthy environment and reducing pulmonary/respiratory disorders.
  • High absorbency providing for less usage, making cost of bedding per week lower than comparables
  • Very easy to use with skipping out limited to a daily basis and only a need to remove the wet once a week.
  • Economic in terms of usage per week and in costs of disposal because of having a reduced sized muck heap
  • Due to its very high bio-degradability, Colehay Flax® rots down rapidly and forms a good quality compost in 6-8 weeks
  • A premium quality bedding providing a healthy, comfortable and hygienic bed for all horses, ponies and especially helpful for those with any form of respiratory challenges

Laying the Colehay Flax® Bed

  • First lay out of 5 bags for a 9m² stable – add 1 bag per additional 3m².
  • Remove dungs and urine plates twice a day and shake the bedding entirely to air it.
  • Add an average of 1 bag per week to maintain the initial volume.
  • It is not necessary to renew the bedding entirely.

Change over to Flax from existing bedding

  • Straw bed – take out whole bed
  • Shavings or hemp – if clean, top up with Colehay Flax® and gradually, as the wet requires disposal, replace old bed with the new.