Cardboard Horse Bedding – 20kg Bales – Available by the single pallet

Super Absorbent – Research shows that carboard bedding absorbs 3 time as much as straw and twice as much as shavings

Warm and Insulating -Cardboard uses its insulating properties by trapping the warm air created from your horse or animal between its corrugations of paper. This keeps the bed nice and cosy, which is exactly what you would expect for any animal on those cold winter nights

Eliminates Odour – Due to the natural oils found in wood pulp Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding will dramatically reduce the amount of ammonia which builds up in stables, this is not only good for the horses and animals but also for human health too.

100% Biodegradable – Muckheap management is a concern for any owner especially size and storage. Now a new issue facing many is disposal, gone are the days when the farmer would happily take away the heap for free. Not only will some farmers charge for removal but many have now decided to refuse muck heaps that mainly consist of wood shavings.

Super Absorbent, Warm and insulating, 100% biodegradeable, eliminates odour!

The reason for this is the impact rotting shavings make on the land, with the complete breakdown taking so long it affects the PH balance in the soil.

During the past 18 months we have received many enquiries regarding the breakdown of our bedding, during these enquiries we have been told many times of how the shavings have affected the land preventing the pasture from growing back properly due to the lack of nitrates in the soil.

Green Mile Equine and Animal Bedding will rot down completely within 8 – 12 weeks, the soiled bedding can even be spread immediately onto the land. This benefits the land by introducing fibre back into the soil preventing “Run off” and “Soil Loss”, both major contributing processes to soil degradation.

Deliveries are nationwide; price is dependent on quantity and location.