Straw bales for seating

Our straw bales are made using a particular baler, this baler makes the bales extra tight and far sturdier than a conventional bale of straw.  Our bales make excellent seating and will stand up to being moved and kicked about.  The bales we use for seating are also very slightly bigger than a normal bale and each bale will fit two bottoms! Approx. Measurements are 98cm x 51cm x 36cm.
With our straw bales you can create an eye catching, easily erected,  creative space for a wedding,  festival, concert or any type of party.   We can deliver as few as 10 small bales up to 500+.  The bales can either be left with you, or we offer a collection service.   Please call to discuss dates and numbers and to book your bales.

Just to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who came down to help us with the hay bales and all you assistance in the planning. It was a great event and we couldn’t’ have done it without all the support from our contractors”.

“We have already confirmed Wheels for 2015 so I will be in touch again once we start on the planning!”

Bournemouth Tourism