Producing good quality, equine grade haylage takes many years of experience. Colehay produces nothing but the best. We have two types of haylage for sale, Meadow –which is made from a selection of grasses, perfect for all horses. Great for keeping on weight and encouraging poor eaters. We also sell Rye Haylage, this is perfect for horses in hard work and competition and will keep your horse at the top of its game.

  • It comes recommended by vets & nutritionists

  • It is cost effective as can be used as & when required and hard food reduced

  • It helps maintain a healthy respiratory system in horses & ponies

  • It is convenient & easy to handle

Similar to our hay, we produce 300kg & 500kg bales of both types of haylage, these are available Nationally by the full lorry load (15-18 tonne). We can offer small loads in Buckinghamshire, Devon, Dorset,Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Please call or email us with you requirements. We have nutritional analysis sheets for most of our products.

We also sell 20kg bales of both Meadow and Ryegrass haylage that can sold by the full pallet, which holds 40 bales. Great if you only have a couple of horses or limited storage. We can also sell mixed pallets of hay and haylage. You can buy our small bales, indivually and by the pallet either by calling or online though our Online Shop.  For large orders and bigger bales, please call or email so we can work out a best price for your area