Miscanthus Elephant Grass – Economical and dust free horse bedding

Miscanthus Bedding

As advertised in the Horse and Hound

  • Very Economical
  • Dust Extracted
  • Deodorising Effect
  • Ultra Absorbant
  • Natural sustainable product grown in the UK

Miscanthus bedding is produced from 100% pure chopped miscanthus (elephant grass) and is highly suitable for horses and small pets

Miscanthus – Our raw material

Miscanthus is a tall perennial grass which has been grown in the UK for many years, initially as an ornamental grass in gardens, but more recently it has been investigated as a crop within its own right

Research carried out in the UK has determined the suitability of miscanthus as a biomass crop to produce energy, at the same time, many other uses were investigated which included the use of miscanthus as horse bedding.

Biomass crops will become increasingly important if we are to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and thus reduce the problem of greenhouse gases, miscanthus forms a major part of this agricultural revolution.

Miscanthus Production

  • Rhizomes, which are small root fragments are planted in the first year of establishment, at this time it is vital they are handled carefully as the crop is very expensive to grow.
  • The crop thrives best in moist soil conditions and finds it hard to survive in drought.
  • In its first year of growth, the plant will only produce a few stems, these will grow in excess of 2 metres high
  • In subsequent years every plant will produce more stems, each of which will be over 3 metres high. In late summer the fields are a dense mass of foliage tall enough to shelter fully grown deer
  • Once established, the crop requires no pesticide or fertiliser inputs.
  • Each year the plant loses its leaves, these will supply the nutrients for the next year’s crop. Growth is stopped by sharp frosts and each spring new leaves appear, the life of miscanthus can extend to 15 years.
  • After 3 years of growth, the first harvest can take place. Harvest is accomplished by the use of forage harvesters which chop the stems into small chips, these will be dried, processed and packed for sale.

Miscanthus Pure bedding

Miscanthus Pure bedding is produced from 100% pure chopped miscanthus (elephant grass) and is highly suitable for horses.

  • 100 litres for horse and pony bedding

All product is dust extracted and packed in polythene wrapping.

Why Use MiscanthusPure?

  • Economical- very long lasting.
  • Consistent- bale to bale all from the same producer.
  • Dust free – produced with dust extraction plant.
  • Comfort- Users report that horses can get up easily and do not damage limbs.
  • Saves labour- Needs less frequent changes of bedding.
  • Save money – Save time cleaning out and use less material.
  • Natura l- We harvest the product, dry and pack. No additives are used.
  • Environmentally Friendly- Miscanthus is grown to help reduce greenhouse gas production, it is renewable and efficient.
  • See Independant German trials work on miscanthus pellets as horse bedding

How to use Miscanthus Pure

  • Use as a deep litter (initially 8-10 bales) in a standard 12*12 stable
  • It may be necessary to sprinkle MicanthusPure lightly with clean water. This helps prevent the bedding moving when the horse lies on it for the first time. Water should be used sparingly
  • Only remove wet patches and droppings (this is what makes MiscanthusPure so economical). Do this regularly as good housekeeping.
  • Top up as necessary
Miscanthus Bedding
Miscanthus Bedding