Festival and Event Planning

If you run a festival or are thinking about starting one, setting out a floor plan can bring many challenges, tasks such as how to divide or create an area, separate a space off and also making areas safe for public and performers.  This can lead to costly, timely and complicated scaffolding structures and fencing.  Out large 8ft long bales can be used to build and size wall or section in an extremely short time with minimum fuss. There is no limit to the length of wall and we can easily build up to 20 ft high.  The bales can be painted to create an atmospheric backdrop and can also be used as a platform or stage.  Typically a 40ft long x 15ft high wall can be constructed in just a few hours.

Race track

Lined up in a row, the bales can mark out any length race track, with a height of 3ft or 4ft, length of 8ft and weight around 300kg, they provide maximum safety and are perfect for bike races, go cart racing.    Soft impact for any riders that might steer out of control or crash.  Protecting both themselves and the watching public.    Installation is both quick and temporary – it can even be redesigned part way through the day for different length races.

Festival Season

Festivals and outside events, generally  require a quick turnaround service.  Often with only a single day for set up and a single day breakdown.  The challenge is to create something that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing within the time restraint given.   When you are looking at a blank canvas of a field,  a bale of straw looks far more pleasing than a conference chair!  Our bales can be dressed to match individual colour schemes or corporate colours.  We are happy to help with doing a floor plan prior to the event and make suggestions over the number of bales needed.

Just to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who came down to help us with the hay bales and all you assistance in the planning. It was a great event and we couldn’t’ have done it without all the support from our contractors”.

“We have already confirmed Wheels for 2015 so I will be in touch again once we start on the planning!”

Bournemouth Tourism

Recently our bales were used for seating, and to build a maze for  children (and big kids!) to play with at the Jamie Oliver ‘Big Feastival’:

Lots of fun was also had at the end of the day, breaking up all the bales……………

We  provided a full clear up service for this event, by supplying extra man power to make sure the field used went back to original state.

Safety Walls, Public Barriers & Sound Buffering Bales

Our larger 8ft long bales have also been used for creating safety walls  and public barriers.  This is a perfect way to meet health and safety requirements, without using expenses building materials and taking up a huge amount of time, for something that only needs to be in place for a few days.  Bales can cover a large area very quickly they can also be an superb way of displaying banners and logos.

Another challenge that festivals face, especially music festivals, are the restriction enforced regarding sound travel and volume.   Our larger bales, made to be extra dense can be stacked on top of each other to construct a wall proven to reduce noise and act as a sound buffer.

Our most recent projects include:

  • Wheels / Monster truck festival on Bournemouth Beach. We supplied, delivered and constructed a public barrier wall using 210 8ft x 4ft x 3ft bales. The build took 2 days and removal one day. Not only quick and cost effective but eye catching and above all, safe!
  • RAF base – We constructed a 35 metre long x 3 metre high sound buffering wall. It took one day and 178 large bales. These bales will be in situ for 6 months. We have been asked to role this out to other sites.