Small Bale Meadow Mix Hay – Wrapped – Available by the Pallet (40 Bales)


Small Bale Devon Meadow Hay – Wrapped – Available by the Pallet (40 Bales)

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Small wrapped bales.

Perfect Meadow Mix Hay

This natural hay product is made using traditional methods from established meadows resulting in a blend of grasses and herbs that is packed full of nutrition.

Over the year we get a significant number of enquiries for small quantities of 50 to 100 bales to be delivered all over the country. We can only fit 10-12 conventional pick up bales on to a standard pallet so the pallet charge would be dis-proportionally expensive. We have recently developed a method of pressure wrapping small bale hay in the same format as we pack our small bale haylage so we can now fit 40 wrapped bales on to a pallet. This makes the haulage and handling significantly cheaper per bale. The hay we use for this is our beautiful Meadow Mix hay. This format is ideal for single horse owners, show jumping and travelling horses as the bales cause far less mess.

Discount available on large loads. Please call for quote.